The Premium Standard


Here we discuss all things branding


Highlighting apparel industry trends

affecting clothing brands.

What is a premium tee?

Imagine the softest and smoothest shirt you've ever worn in your favorite color.

The shirt has a precision engineered fit and retail quality style.

This garment is cut and dyed in the U.S. at a WRAP certified facility.


Trade Basics

Private Label






The Difference

Industry Tee

  1. Inconsistent Sizing​

  2. Shrinkage

  3. Roughness

Premium Tee

  1. Side-Seamed

  2. Engineered Fit

  3. 32 singles or more

What are singles?

Imagine singles like thread counts for sheets.

  1. Higher Singles

  2. Finer Fabric

  3. Tighter Weave

  4. Softest

  5. Smoothest

Premium Tee

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The Process

Thinking Out Loud designers build distinct brand identities.


Our mission is ensuring clients strengthen their knowledge of premium apparel.


Let us join you in building loyalty with your customers!



Consult with industry experts to guide you through the process.

Graphic Design

Customize your logo

or design a new one.


Get access to premium apparel brands and

custom apparel printing.

Our Story

In the summer of 2019, my business partner and I

 coined the term "T.O.L." or Thinking Out Loud


The first concept "The Blueprint" consisted of a series of designs

promoting financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

A year later, our brand is founded on two values

creative freedom and community.

Fashion Apparel Masterclass
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As the co-founder and president of

Thinking Out Loud


My passion for design thinking

and entrepreneurship was inspired by

time served in the U.S. Air Force

The foundation for a design career began

in the apparel industry as embroidery supervisor

with headwear brand Lids Sports Group.

Embroidered Globe Badge

Learn about a brand using 7X less water than the average manufacturer.



Only 20% of discarded garments are reused or recycled.

By using premium apparel you are dramatically increasing the lifespan of tee.