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Decrease Waste

The LSS approach helps identify and remedy areas of waste within your organization, saving you time, money, and resources.

Increase Efficiency

Learn how to utilize resources to achieve maximum effectiveness using your current business processes.

Reduce Errors

You can’t press “undo” on a production job, so getting it right the first time is the best way to save you time and money!



Whatever your expectations, Thinking Out Loud is here to exceed them. Take advantage of this and many other features that are available to you when you decide to join the network.

  • Learn to select the right projects to improve customer satisfaction.

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Walter B, President

Thinking Out Loud is a veteran-owned  

process improvement firm. As a Servant Leader and process improvement specialist I understand the importance of getting it done "right" the first time.

Before I understood the benefits of standard improvement models, I didn't realize how much time, and money I wasted working on the wrong projects. 

I'll provide you with the tools to implement high-impact solutions that continuously improve customer satisfaction, focusing on the underlying metrics that directly effect your ROI.

Here's how I can help your brand put strategy and vision at the forefront to become better, faster, and more cost effective

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Simon, Chop Chop Barbershop

Walter did a great job understanding what we were looking for presented multiple options to fit our needs and went above and beyond on delivering. Definitely recommend them for any of your brands needs.